Drop Blocks to Splat!
Whacky flappy bird clone with Shooting Stars theme.
All about keeping the lightbulb alive...
Can a cube even roll?
Another sequel to "Switch".... only you can cheat this time!!!
The "highly anticipated" sequel to "Switch"!!
Only feature: switch direction!
Make the square hit the corner!
Another painter after last onehourgamejam...
Text based russian roulegg
An arcade game for the MiniLD #72
School project point and click game engine.
The wrong thing is right.
A game where you do something about it!
It's running ... with kick-ass music (not really)
You are the souffleur, tell your actors the right lines!
Pour water, upside down!
Fight, not with fists, but with snowballs.
Endless As, Os and Xses.
Fly through an endless forest of blocks.
1hgj about pumpkins!!
Throwback to the best part of vhs: rewinding!