A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Somewhat Easy Point-and-click Engine: SEPES

This is a point and click game engine developed for a school project. It uses concepts from SCUMM, LucasArts in-house engine, and shows my own take on such a game engine. The TestGame was used for debugging and uses some of the engines features. To play unzip, navigate to the game folder (containing folders for rooms, objects, characters,...) and hit play.

On Mac the file explorer was reported as not functional and crashing the program, although the test model was quite old. Linux does not work for unknown reasons, will maybe be fixed in the distant future. Please let me know of any problems or bugs, thank you.

There will be a proper demo game released in the near future.

All games should be available on this site, they can also be downloaded from http://bit.ly/sepesGames as uncompressed and compressed folders.


SEPESVersion01.jar 8 MB
TestGameForDebugging.zip 6 MB


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I tested it on 64bit Linux with openjre-8. The program runs, I can browse to the game folder. But when I click Play, the game doesn't start, instead it goes to a screen where there's Back and New Game buttons. If I click New Game the program crashes.


Thanks for the bug report, someday I'll hopefully get around to fix that. It's gonna stay that way for now though because I still have to finish the project within the next week or so... thank you for testing anyway :)